What It Would Be Like If Straight People Underwent Conversion Therapy

"I think this is kind of bullsh*t."

What if we lived in a world where same-sex attraction were the norm and heterosexuals were forced to undergo conversion therapy?

Such is the subject of a new satirical video from Buzzfeed that imagines what it would be like if straight people were forced to undergo this inhumane and dehumanizing process in order to "correct" their sexual desires.

The participants are subjected to a toned-down version of aversion therapy -- a tool that is not currently used in conversion therapy practices. However, other forms of conversion therapy are still used in an attempt to "cure" many young lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth -- a practice that leaves lasting trauma and that President Barack Obama has called to outlaw in America.

In the video, participants are squirted with a water bottle while viewing photos of attractive celebrities of the opposite sex. At the end of the video, they read disturbing literature provided by real gay conversion therapy practices.

It certainly is a humorous take on a chilling reality for many queer youth -- check out the video above.

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