What It's Like To Be A Teen, As Told By Mia Thermopolis

What It’s Like To Be A Teen, As Told By Mia Thermopolis

It’s awkward being a teen. Luckily, the princess of Genovia feels your pain.

On Monday mornings, it's like

Getting dressed for school can especially be a challenge

When you get to your first class and your teacher announces a group project, you're like

Gym class isn't much better

But at least you have lunch to look forward to

Until you see your crush kissing some other girl by the lockers

You're like

But on the inside, you feel

Good thing you have your best friend to comfort you.

So whatever. You’re going to win him over with your Harlem Shake moves at the school dance

Your crush will be all like

And then this will happen

Hey, snap out of it! You have a test tomorrow

So you have to go home right after school, where your parents begin nagging you

And asking annoying questions

And you're like

Back to that test. You only procrastinate on Tumblr for a few hours

Then panic starts to set in and you feel like

But it's all good, because the next day you ace it like a boss.

Being a teen can be stressful

And exhausting

You probably feel like this a lot

But you know what?

You've got this.

And pretty soon it will be Friday!

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