This Is What It's Like To Be A Woman On YouTube

“I hate that my job comes with a daily dose of harassment.”

That's how Buzzfeed's "What It's Like To Be A Woman On YouTube" video begins. The clip features nine women who regularly create videos on YouTube describing the harassment and misogynistic comments they deal with every day. “You may be talking about one thing and then people just start talking about your boobs," one woman featured says.

Every woman in the video echoed a similar sentiment: They wish commenters would focus on the content of their work rather than focusing on the fact that they’re women. As one of them says, “We’re not making those videos so that you say ‘Oh, she’s so beautiful I’d like to f*ck her’ or ‘She’s so ugly I hate her.'"

It's no secret that women are subjected to an inordinate amount of harassment online and specifically on social media, but YouTube is rumored to be the worst.

One of the women featured summed up the issue when she said, “Just because I’m a person who works on the Internet, doesn’t mean that I’m not a person in real life." Truth.