20 Photos That Show What It's Like To Be A Working Dad

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 92.8 percent of fathers with children under 18 were either working or looking for work in 2014.

In honor of Father's Day, we asked the working dads of the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for photos that capture their experience.

Here are 20 photos that show what it looks like to be a working dad. (Click here to for a look at what some stay-at-home dads had to share about their experiences.)

Jonna Thomas
"Even when he is on a conference call, he still has time for the kids."
Rho Edmunds
"This is my amazing hubby and father to our two kids. He gets up at 6 am every morning and feeds our baby and keeps him occupied whilst working, so that I can get an extra hour or two of sleep before our 5 year old gets up."
Crystal Lohman
"Sometimes the goodbyes are hard but the welcome home is always amazing!"
Diana Pickinpaugh
"The future of IT"
Amber Kae
Amie Bullis
"This is from last summer. Daddy spends 40 hours a week working in a truck shop. In his time off he works on cars at home for friends and neighbors. He has two little helpers this summer."
Tracy Davis
"My son with his dad on take your child to work day."
Althea Tuaño Aswani
"Papa was trying to work but not without interruptions"
Ashley Dowdy
"Worked the 12 hour night shift, came home and took the boy to the park -- yes, he might not get great sleep that day but he makes time."
Chloe Stanton
Heather Tomlinson
"Somehow managing to get extra work done after hours"
Jennyfer Myrick
"My husband was a U.S. Army recruiter, here is is working with our newborn..."
Jonathan Rodriguez
"Ballet practice on my day off"
Monica Orozco-Cantillo
Tiffany Barela
"Being a working dad means quality time on the weekends watching the boy play football!"
Liberity Bell Cole
Nick N Vanessa White
"Hard working, never complaining, anxious to be with us on the weekends"
Kristine Gibson
Athina Marie Fascianella
"It means making the most of the moments they have together. My husband works full time and tutors numerous children in math. He shows our boys compassion and teaches them by example. Our boys couldn't ask for a better dad."
Laura Miller Haxton
"Daddy trying to finish up his work at home with twin 3-year-old daughters. Nice try daddy!!"
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