What It's Like To Be Harassed Online Every Day As A Feminist

"Sometimes you can't just shut the computer."

As a columnist who covers feminism for The Guardian U.S.Jessica Valenti has experienced it all when it comes to internet trolls. Especially since she's received the most blocked comments in the online history of the publication.

Valenti juggles between responding sarcastically to commenters and walking away from her computer altogether. While Valenti says she tries to "take some of that power away" from trolls by lightly making fun of them, it's not easy receiving so many horrible comments on a daily basis.

"Asking women to sort of remove themselves from public spaces -- which is what the internet is now -- it's sort of like telling them if you don't like being harassed stay off the street," Valenti explains. 

There's no one thing that's going to prevent women and girls from being harassed in any realm, but Valenti encourages young women to speak out about their experiences with online trolls and share their stories with other women. 

Check out the video above for more of Valenti's story. 



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