What It's Like To Be Street Harassed As A Latina

"Sprinkling your harassment with racialized remarks makes it so much worse."

Street harassment doesn’t discriminate based on race or ethnicity, but it can come in different forms for Latinas.

“While women of all races and ethnicities experience street harassment, there are a few catcalls that only Latinas hears,” Nathalie Farfan explains in the newest episode of Latina’s feminist video series “Unapologetic.”

Farfan shared some examples of the types of catcalls Latinas often hear, including when non-Spanish speaking men use Spanish words to get our attention (”Hola mamacita bonita”) or refer to us using the name of a famous Latina, like Jennifer Lopez.

“Listen here sucios (dirty men), it’s not OK to catcall and sprinkling your harassment with racialized remarks makes it so much worse,” Farfan added. “Don’t do it, ever.”

The host closed out the video by calling out Amy Schumer and others who’ve perpetuated the stereotype that men of color are responsible for most of the street harassment women experience.

Listen to what Farfan had to say to Schumer in the video above.

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