What Your Single Friends Aren't Telling You About The Single Life

The single life has its perks: You have more free time on your hands than your couple friends do -- and what you do with that free time is entirely up to you. ("Oh, a five-hour 'Real Housewives' marathon is on? Don't mind if I do.") You get to flirt with whoever you want -- and have sex with whoever you want. All in all, it's a pretty sweet deal.

But as the BuzzFeed video above points out, it's not all Tinder matches and first-date butterflies. There's a dark side to the single life: A side where you want to see "The Fault In Our Stars" by yourself, but skip it, because you fear the judgement. A side where you haven't bathed in days because, really, who's there to smell you?

Watch the clip above for more on the hilarious dark side of singlehood.

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