What Kids Eat For Lunch Around The World, In 10 Photos

Children's meals from Brazil, Japan, South Africa and more.

A new photo project from kids app developer Toca Boca offers a glimpse into the daily lives of children all over the world.

Titled "Kid's Eye View," the project invites 10 kids from six continents to photograph and share musings on four different aspects of their day-to-day experiences -- from mealtime to morning transit to personal style. The first series in the project is called "What's For Lunch?" and features pictures of what they eat at lunchtime.

"The idea is to see the world from the kid's perspective all around the globe," Ingrid Simone, Editorial Director of Toca Magazine told The Huffington Post. "Seeing how families nourish their kids around the world feeds into our natural curiosity and connects us."

The kids took the photos themselves with phone cameras. "I think their photos give a very real, down-to-earth glimpse of a part of their everyday lives," Simone said, adding, "We hope more adults start to view the world from the kids’ perspective. Lunch is a fun place to start."

Keep scrolling for a look at "What's For Lunch?" and visit Toca Boca's website to see the three weekly installments that will follow.

Malik, 12, Illinois
Toca Boca
"I had a PB&J sandwich on honey wheat bread, fresh strawberries, Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies and Takis Fuego chips."
Kanoka, 11, Japan
Toca Boca
"Shaun the Sheep rice ball is made with rice, seaweed and cheese. The bush is made with broccoli. Other parts are fried egg, sausage, Chinese fried pepper and steak and fruits (kiwi, watermelon and grapes). It's pretty much the same. My lunch is always made up of a wide variety of food stuff and very colorful. But Shaun the Sheep appears only once in awhile."
Virginia, 6, Brazil
Toca Boca
"Pork, mashed potatoes, sprinkled with grated cheese and a dash of ketchup. On the side, a cherry tomato salad with lots of balsamic vinegar and some 'caldinho de feijão' (black bean soup). This is what I usually have for lunch when I am at home, and also the kind of meal I have for dinner every day. Yummy!"
Bobo, 9, Sweden
Toca Boca
"Meatballs and fried potatoes, with cucumber and ketchup. I don't really like potatoes but we had to have them since they were leftovers from the day before."
Suchita, 7, India
Toca Boca
"Pulses (beans), rice and potato wedges, with some green salad."
Siobhan, 11, Australia
Toca Boca
"I had rice with vegetables, a roasted potato and a roll of homemade bread. The rice and vegetables was leftover from dinner that my grandmother and aunty had together, the previous evening. It was like a stir fry but without the frying. The roasted potatoes were cooked in the oven and I don't know how my grandmother gets them so crunchy, not even mum can do that."
Cadence, 12, California
Toca Boca
"My lunch was falafel in a pita topped with pickled onions and chili sauce with sweet potato fries on the side. It was pretty unusual that day since we got it from a food truck. Usually my lunches have foods such as pasta, tacos or sometimes vegetarian sushi."
Takuto, 8, Japan
Toca Boca
"Japanese somen noodle and soup to dip the noodle; cucumber, tomato, fried egg and Chikuwa (fish sausage). The cucumber and the tomato came from my backyard. The unusual thing was that a tomato was on my plate! Mom sometimes puts tomato on my plate."
Kema, 10, South Africa
Toca Boca
"This meal is a popular South African dish which is called a boerie roll. A boerie roll is like a hot dog except the sausage you use is called boerewors. A very South African sausage meat that we usually have on a cookout but you can eat it any time. My meal had a whole wheat roll, boerewors sausage and ketchup and some fries on the side."
Andy, 10, Florida
Toca Boca
"Peanut butter sandwich (No jelly. I don't like jelly.), grapes, banana bread and chocolate milk. I eat peanut butter almost every day for breakfast or lunch. I usually don't get banana bread with lunch."
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