Watch These Kids Share Their Wise And Witty Thoughts On Love

When it comes to the deep stuff, kids can be surprisingly perceptive, shelling out nuggets of wisdom beyond their years.

In honor of Valentine's Day, the Jubilee Project interviewed kids about their thoughts on love for a video titled "Love Lessons: Life's Big Questions Unscripted." Their answers range from sweet to witty to totally sage.

Discussing what it feels like to be in love, the kids came up with spot-on descriptions, like "you get the chills or something," "I feel my heart pounding," and "it makes me warm, cozy like a pillow." Asked how to show someone that you love them, the little ones also shared simple, yet apt responses like "say something that you like about her," "share with them and be kind," and "treat them in a special way."

This video is a great reminder of what we should all keep in mind when celebrating Valentine's Day. Plus, we gotta love the use of YOLO around the 1:15 mark.

Love In One Photo