What Kim Cattrall Refused To Do For Her New TV Series

The "Sensitive Skin" star took a stand for an all-natural look.

Kim Cattrall revolutionized what it looked like for women to be sexy in their 40s as Samantha Jones on "Sex and the City," and she's back to do the same for women in their 50s with her newest series, "Sensitive Skin." 

The show, a Canadian series now available on Netflix, finds Cattrall playing Davina, a woman grappling with new feelings about her marriage and losing her youth. But when Cattrall signed on to the project, she had to take a stand to make sure she looked natural and age-appropriate, she told HuffPost Live last week. 

"When 'Sensitive Skin' came to me, people said, 'Oh, well, you know, we're gonna ... digitally process it so you don't have any wrinkles,'" the 59-year-old actress recalled. "And I was like, wait a minute. Wait just a minute here. This story is about a woman who has wrinkles. She's of a certain age. Don't light me so I look terrible, but I want to represent someone who looks like she's that age, or else the story won't make any sense. And what's wrong with it?" 

Cattrall said she's learned to value the knowledge and experience that comes with getting older, which includes learning to ignore people who shame 50-something women for embracing their sexuality. 

"What makes me feel young is following my instincts about what I want to do and what makes me happy," Cattrall said. "And if that's a younger man, go for it. If that's a higher hemline, screw them, go for it." 

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