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This Quiz Will Tell You Exactly What Kind Of Cleaner You Are

The birds have chirped, the flowers have bloomed ... and the dust bunnies have brazenly multiplied in all the corners of your house. Spring is officially over -- and somehow you missed all the signs and never got around to that spring cleaning.

If you didn’t exactly spring into spring cleaning, don’t feel too bad. While over 70 percent of respondents in a 2013 study said they engaged in spring cleaning, participants in earlier research reported that they’d trade a month’s worth of dining out if someone would just do spring cleaning for them. (Full disclosure: We’d take that deal.)

So what’s the big deal if you’re a season behind? The first step to tackling any problem -- even one as dirty as your bathroom tile -- is to know yourself. We partnered with Clorox to find out what kind of cleaner you are. Take the quiz, then get ready to dust off all that cleaning gear.

Whether your cleaning is just getting started or has been going on since, well, spring, Clorox Cleaning Products can keep your home looking refreshed.