What Kind Of Maker Are You?

We live in the second Industrial Revolution. But unlike the first -- think smog, factory bosses and orphans going, “Please, sir, may I ‘ave some more?” -- this one springs from the wondrous imaginations of folks just like you. Around the world people from all walks of life, called Makers, are coming together to dream, tinker, invent and ultimately share their knowledge with millions of others across the Internet.

This is the Maker Movement -- and it’s not only spreading new technology, but also new perspectives. (Not for nothing, but there were 131 worldwide Maker Faires in 2014, including one at the White House.) With so many things to make, though, from “fractal pecan pie” to “humanoid automatons,” the question is: What kind of Maker will you be? Just in time for the Bay Area Maker Faire, the largest gathering of Makers in the U.S., we partnered with Cisco to you help you find how you’ll fit in the Maker Movement.

There’s a Maker in all of us. Ready to meet yours?

As a presenting sponsor of MakerCon, Cisco is committed to empowering makers with the skills needed to thrive, innovate, and become the digital revolution’s global problem solvers. MakerCon, begins Maker Week in the San Francisco Bay Area, which concludes with Maker Faire.