What Kind of World Do We Want to Live In? Let's Let the Future Know

Photo caption: Just a little meditation for Paris. Like my drawing, my words are flawed, but putting our hearts in the right place has to count for something.

While we're all thinking and talking about what's happening in the world and witnessing Paris it's the most important time to get really clear on what we want our world to be. What we want it to look like for the future. Because the people who are perpetuating this violence and murder seem to be really clear about what kind of world they want. 

So this is the kind of world I want:

Where we make choices from a place of love more often than a place of fear -- ideally all the choices. 

Where we decide not to hold our hearts like fists. We open our hearts and we try to see where people are coming from. 


That we manage to make choices now that will help us evolve in a way that utilizes the global community that exists through the Internet, etc. That we become more empathetic and connected from a place of love and curiosity instead of fear.

That even if we believe something -- rhetoric -- we choose to think for ourselves. That we think beyond our doctrines and rhetoric. That we use these amazing brains as much as we can to question, empathize, and love.

If we utilize this global community and look beyond our rhetoric and don't hold our hearts like fists it will be impossible to paint entire groups of people with a paintbrush of "evil" or "out to get us" and we will know that most people are just trying to get along and live tenderly within their groups of humans and family.

That when we stand within fear we act from love anyway and know that is courage.

That we know courage is to open your heart.

That we know to think more is to open your heart.

That if we subscribe to rhetoric that has something to do with saviors or beings of love that we adhere first and foremost to the love and know that if our doctrines say we'll be tested know that the greatest tests can sometimes be the day to day ones, when you get to choose whether you'll be curious instead of hateful towards people who look different from you.

That we look to nature and know that the difference in our DNA from plants, for example, is so little, that how different can we humans really be from each other?

To know that our words have impact that ripples like throwing a rock into a pond -- that as we search our bodies for how our actions make us feel, that we act from a place of tenderness instead of "what can I get out of this" or "I'm scared so I'll do this" or "I hate all ____." 

That we acknowledge that above what our brains know there is a collective consciousness where we're all connected and where all knowledge flows.

To know that if the human brain is capable of such atrocities it is also capable of the opposite and equal, which, because it is a much higher vibration, will win out every time. But we have to choose to use our brains and hearts this way. Basically be the change.

Practicing tolerance is not enough -- we must celebrate each other.

That's what I have for now.

Let's use this time to get clear on what kind of world we want to live in. Write it down. Let the future know. It can't hurt. Maybe even the thrust of deciding this will have some impact in the world. What kind of world do you want to live in?