What Latinas Really Think Of The #Latina Hashtag

"Lots of boobs, lots of butts."

These women don't have time for lack of diversity when it comes to representation of Latinas.

In a video from BuzzFeed Yellow, Latinas took a deep dive into the #Latina hashtag on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. The results included posts about Dora the Explorer and Sofia Vergara -- along with "a gallery of butts and boobs." After some hilarious commentary about the hashtag, one woman echoed the stereotype-shattering idea behind the #LatinasAreNot hashtag and expressed the need to show more than "one really kind of narrow view" of Latinas.

Another woman pointed out how easy it is to spot "accounts from outsiders," thanks to their inability to accurately reflect the Latina community. "You can tell because they do not represent everyone," she said.

Latinas are not one-dimensional, and don't you forget it.

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