What Leaders Can Learn From #NoKidHungry

In my world learning is constant. Being involved, for the past three years, with the No Kid Hungry campaign has translated into continuously learning valuable lessons, which can easily apply to any business or organization. By simply being surrounded by likeminded souls who want to reduce child hunger in the US, I have learned a lot about leadership and want to share some of the insights I picked up, as they are easy to implement in our day-to-day lives.
No Kid Hungry has a strong presence on social media, and they also understand that their message can reach more people when they allow their community to spread the word for them. This takes trusted relationships and No Kid Hungry has created that in their community. They support their communities efforts whether by sharing their blog posts, thanking people for their support or sharing their posts on the organization's various social media platforms. The stories become interwoven about what is being done to end hunger for kids. When there is trust, there is an ability to openly work together to achieve a shared purpose.

Regardless of your income, diet or location, you have choices of places to eat and still make a contribution to No Kid Hungry while dining out in September. The ways anyone can make a difference and help are diverse. There are options for anyone who wants to get involved. Supporting the restaurants who participate in dine out for No Kid Hungry, spreading the word via social media or writing a blog post are all ways that anyone can directly help during the campaign month. All it takes to make a difference is a desire and an action within everyone's reach.

On a day like Tuesday's TwEATout, or at the end of No Kid Hungry Month, or along certain milestones like when NYC approved a budget for breakfast in the classroom or when 345 Million additional meals had been connected to kids in need, No Kid Hungry celebrates and gives their community the credit for their contributions. They know it can't be done alone. The name of the nonprofit, Share Our Strength, whose campaign is No Kid Hungry, says it all. Together, leaders make a dent in the universe.
In the 21st century, leadership is about collaboration and the lessons from the No Kid Hungry campaign include the ability to build a strong community around a shared way we can make the world better for kids. I am excited about what is possible to create with so much passion around making sure that every child has fuel to live their life fully.

You can help No Kid Hungry in September by dining out at a participating restaurant in your area, and you can help today, by sharing a tweet using the hashtag #NoKidHungry.