What Makes a Successful Blogger?

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Are you struggling to build a successful blog?

Maybe you’re having a tough time creating a full time income through blogging.

Perhaps you just want to get your first 10 email subscribers.

In any case you can succeed by following the blogging leaders.

Blogging has helped me build a pretty neat lifestyle of hopping between tropical paradises like Fiji, Bali and Thailand over the past 5 years.

I have learned a few inspired lessons from leading bloggers during my world travels.

Build a rocking blog by adopting the traits of these successful entrepreneurs.

Watch me discuss in this HD video (scroll down for full article).

1: The Right Mindset

Steve Scott is killing it in the Kindle self-publishing niche now but once upon a time he devoted his energies to building a highly successful blog.

He explains how having an abundant mindset helped him to succeed online.

Give away free eBooks. Offer your best content for free. Be generous with your time and talents.

Build premium products and services to monetize your passions.

Do your best work possible with each free and premium offering. Think and act abundantly.

This combination of being generous and creating valuable, premium services is one reason why Steve has generated $30,000 each month - or more - selling Kindle eBooks on Amazon.

2: Being Connected

Donna Merrill seems to know everybody.

She’s an omnipresent force often spotted in comment fields or expert roundup features on a blog near you.

Donna has succeeded with her blog because she connects 1 to 1 with an increasing number of aspiring bloggers through:

  1. Blog commenting
  2. Social media
  3. Email
  4. Being featured on round ups

Donna follows my philosophy; when someone asks her for help she rarely says “No”.

Become a connected blogger by helping people through a variety of online channels.

If you’re new to blogging just promote top bloggers, comment on their blogs and learn voraciously from the blogging big dawgs.

Build connections. Get connected.

3: Pick an Easy to Visualize Domain Name (or Your Name)

I see myself as a guy who has fun and helps folks.

Some bribed, I mean, loyal readers may refer to me as “being successful.”

Either way, I’ve been blessed with a sweet domain name inBlogging From Paradise.

I spoke to one of my new readers at the airport in Copenhagen, Denmark recently. He spotted my T shirt, remarked how my domain name was easy to imagine/visualize and said he’d subscribe.

Readers think in pictures.

If readers can easily picture your domain name you’ll likely attract more loyal, supportive readers.

The exception: simply pick your domain name and build your brand around you.

As your name becomes more recognizable so will your blog.

4: Creating Helpful Content

Go short form or long form.

Just be helpful.

John Chow and his writers publish shorter, punchier and valuable posts.

Ramsay Taplin crafts in-depth, thorough, valuable resources.

Both strategies work although I favor long form content myself.

Publish posts anywhere from 600 to 3,000 words in length to create something useful.

Whether you write long or short blog posts solve problems with each piece of content.

Address your reader’s pain points. Put yourself in your ideal reader’s shoes before you sit down to write your posts.

Be empathetic. Be compassionate.

Seeing through the eyes of your readers helps you to solve their problems effectively.


Don’t give up.

Keep going no matter what resistance you face during your blogging journey.

Successful bloggers use obstacles like stepping stones.

Learn from each difficulty to pay your blogging tuition.

Build a successful blog by capitalizing on both your victories and failures.

Are you having a tough time growing your blog?

What lessons have you learned from successful bloggers?

For more smart tips on how to build a successful blog plus a free blogging eBook every Friday visit Blogging From Paradise.

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