What Makes June 20th The Happiest Day Of The Year

Happy Happiest Day of the Year! June 20th has been scientific-ishly declared the most cheerful date on your calendar. Why? According to The Telegraph:

Apparently the feeling of optimism caused by the combination of lighter evenings, the prospect of holidays and memories of childhood summers is at its peak on June 20.

According to the research this has been worked out using the equation O + (N xS) + Cpm/T + He.

O stands for being outdoors and outdoor activity, N is connection with nature, which is in full bloom now, S is socialisation with neighbours and friends, Cpm stands for childhood positive memories, T is the mean temperature which is now usually warm, and He is holiday expected.

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It seems like just yesterday that it was the Most Depressing Day of the Year-- January 21st. According to the Daily Mail:

The weather is appalling, the Christmas credit card bills are landing on the doorstep . . . and you've already broken your New Year's resolutions.

But don't worry, if you can just get through today, things will start to look up.

Monday, January 21, you see, has been officially declared the gloomiest day of the year.

Psychologist Cliff Arnall, an expert in depression, has used a mathematical formula to pinpoint today as Blue Monday.

He says it is the day when six factors come together to leave us at our most miserable.

They are: the dank and gloomy weather; Christmas debt; a feeling of monotony after the Christmas cheer has faded; broken New Year's resolutions; low levels of motivation; and a desperate feeling that you need to take action to improve your drab existence.

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Do you think today is the happiest day of the year? Has anything good--or bad--happened to you today? Do tell below.