What makes Speedlancer's content work

The importance of incredible content cannot be underestimated and it is one of the driving forces behind generating sales and reaching business goals. In order to build a brand that thrives and flourishes, it is necessary to invest the time and effort in great content.

By creating original, engaging content, search engines help your site gain exposure which results in higher SEO rankings, increased traffic, and more sales leads. The most successful brands are able to effectively influence consumer behavior with impactful content that convincingly touts their products or services as the solution.

But it's more than just doing it for the clicks. Content has to properly connect with people. It's got to be written and created for people. That's vital.

The key components to creating great content include:

  • Inspiring emotions
  • Building and maintaining a connection
  • Creating trust
  • Providing a positive user experience
  • Offering education

Additionally, there are other elements involved in content that results in a successful marketing strategy.
The content on your website should specifically target your audience and clearly define the actions you want them to take. Provide users insights and tips that can be applied to what they are being offered. A simple way to generate interest for readers is to cover the topic in a story. Assist readers in learning and becoming better.

Definition of character speaks volumes, and with content strategy, it is important to sustain a tone of voice that balances both your brand and identity guidelines. It is the writer's job to deliver answers with supporting information. That's why at Speedlancer, our content is focused on giving real productivity advice.

Find out where your audience spends their time in the realm of social media and streamline your purpose to reach out and connect with them. By thinking outside the conventional approach, you are more inclined to reach your core audience.

There are a host of people that come into the equation of content creation and promotion and these partners -- guest bloggers, agencies, and current business partners -- are the ones that you will need to vet regularly to improve content and content marketing.

Every industry has key figures that have the capability of swaying the general public. Seek out celebrities that possess those shared qualities and vision to influence your brand positively.

Everyone on your team must be on board in order to strategize effectively. The primary source of your content comes via the most key brand ambassadors on your team, so they must be able to market the brand in a dynamic and authentic way.

A great headline is an essential element in order to pique readers' interests and drive traffic. In many ways, the headline is more important than the article itself, so be sure to craft a strong one to encourage people to read it.

A successful content marketing strategy utilizes all of these ingredients and helps you avoid the common mistake of overworking with minimal results. A great brand must respect the pillars of great communication and technologically advanced content management systems. Internal communication is an absolute must for you and your team members; everyone on your team and any external partners should be proficient with these tools and applications.

With regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, you will need a great Web CMS to publish content. A Digital Asset Management system will track all of your original content and allow you to repurpose it for other channels. It also assures that all visual materials are consistent and meet the guidelines of your brand identity.