What Makes The Green Bay Packers So Unique

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Answer by Thomas Johnson, Professor Emeritus from northern Minnesota, on Quora.

In Minnesota, we typically compare the Packers to our woeful Viking franchise and absolutely hate the comparison:

  • Whereas the Vikings play in a metro area of 3.3 million people and have historically struggled to fill their indoor stadiums, the Packers play in a town of 100,000 and have thousands waiting to snatch up any empty seat or season ticket.
  • Whereas the Vikings have had a history of woeful team ownership, usually by nouveau riche businessmen from somewhere else who see ownership as investment, the Packers are owned by thousands of rabid Wisconsinites who actually pay to be called owners of certificates that have absolutely no investment value.
  • While the Vikings have never had a top-level quarterback who has spent his whole active playing career with the team (Fran Tarkenton took off in the middle), the Packers are in the midst of their third HOF quarterback regime.
  • Though the Vikings have a history of losing the big game and are tied with the equally hapless Bills for the most failed Superbowl appearances, the Packers have won the big one four times -- actually 13 if you count the league championships before the Super Bowl era.
  • While the Vikings are currently building their third stadium since they arrived in the NFL in the early 60's, the Packers have continued to enlarge and improve the single stadium they have called home since 1957, Lambeau Stadium. It holds 13,000 more fans than will the billion dollar palace currently being built in Minneapolis.
  • While both Green Bay and Minnesota are northern locations, the Vikings are known as an indoor team; the Packers are an outdoor team and often have their most memorable games when the weather turns icy.
  • Whereas almost no Viking players ever go to Green Bay to cash in at the end of their careers, Minnesota attracts about one or two aging former Packers per year.
And that, my friends, is why we Minnesotans absolutely hate the Packers. Hate them. Hate everything about them. What's to love?

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