Arielle Scarcella, Vlogger, Asks: What Makes You A Lesbian?

What does it really mean to be a lesbian?

Popular YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella returns with another insightful video that ponders who gets to say who and who cannot identify with a certain identity category? According to Scarcella, the video was inspired by an article about a lesbian who made the decision to marry a man and the resulting attempts by some to police her lesbian identity.

Scarcella crowdsourced why people in the queer community had issues with this and then uses this video to dispel three main arguments surrounding why people claim this woman can't identify as a lesbian. She notes in the video, "The confusing part of any label, though, is that every single person who takes it on is different... To me, the problem here is someone saying that identifying as anything has to be about what you do and not about how you feel."

Check out the video above and head here to hear more from Scarcella.



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