What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

What Makes Your Business Stand Out?
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Your business won't grow when you blend in because no one can buy a secret.

So how do you stand out?

It all starts with creating your core business message.

Core = foundation.
Core = heart.
Core = what your business is all about.

Your core message is truly the foundation of your business.

Because without your core message - something you believe, what you stand for, what you help clients achieve - you blend in.

Without a core message, marketing will be hard. (Really hard.)

You'll sound like a me-too poser and no one will believe in you...

...because you don't actually believe in you.

I want to help you bravely step up to the mic and tell us why you.

Make us believe in you. (But first, you must believe in you.)

This is how you attract clients quickly.

Focus on the value you bring to the table by answering this question:

Often when I ask business owners 'WHY YOU', I'll hear a list like this:
I care deeply for my clients and I provide great client service.
I follow up immediately with my clients.
I go above and beyond for my clients.
I help clients uncover their true potential.
I help clients dig into the root cause of their pain.
I am a certified/licensed XYZ (attorney, financial planner, coach, consultant, etc...) and I have over 10 years experience.

Here's the deal - none of those statements will make you stand out.


Why? Those are table stakes.

I want you to push yourself harder. What problem are you solving? Why are your clients coming to you?

What are they up Googling at 3 am that you can help them with?

I guarantee they're NOT Googling 'someone who cares deeply for clients and provides great client service'.

What's Your Value?
This is not an easy exercise and it often takes business owners and experts a long time to land on a message that connects with them and their potential clients.

Here's one step you can take today to figure this out for yourself:

Write down the top 3 - 5 benefits your clients get from working with you in 8 words or less.

Want some feedback and help with your benefits? Join my private Facebook community and share your 3-5 benefits with the #SecretToSoldOut.

Let's dive into what makes YOU special, unique and memorable. You will be amazed how it will make your marketing and client attraction efforts so much easier.

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