This Is What Masculinity Really Means To Men

This Is What Masculinity Really Means To Men

"Dominance." "Power." "Strong." "Alpha." "Control."

These are just a few of the words traditionally associated with masculinity.

We often hear men being described as "manly" or "macho" or "effeminate" -- concepts that seem to define individual men along a sliding scale of masculinity. But in a world of both gender inequity and rapidly shifting gender roles, what does masculinity really mean?

We asked a group of men how they felt about the concept of masculinity, what they they find problematic about it, how they define the word and how they wish it was defined. What we discovered is that most of them aren't quite sure. As HuffPost Deputy Features Editor Greg Beyer put it: "Masculinity is what it means to be a man -- which I think is not such a simple thing."

The one thing every man we spoke to agreed on is that having fewer limitations on what men and women "should" and "shouldn't" do is a win for everyone. Because at the end of the day, we're all just human beings.

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