What Men Want In A Wife: Relationship Expert Says Husbands Need A True Partner (VIDEO)

What Men Want In A Wife

Is the trophy wife a thing of the past?

Researchers have found that men today want more than a woman whose talents include looking beautiful and nothing more. A German study that surveyed 2,000 men over three years found that 76 percent of them would not accept a partner who didn't have a job, and 45 percent said they want a woman who earned lots of money herself.

Relationship expert Teri L. Orbuch told HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri that the change in the ideal vision of a wife shows that men want a true partner who can help guide the couple's future.

"Men these days of all ages are wanting less stress, and less stress means having a partner or spouse who can bring in resources, whether that be income or people -- anything to help take the burden off men," she said. "What that translates to in the relationship is not making all the decisions in the relationship."

Orbuch said that a woman's role in the relationship doesn't have to be any specific thing -- meaning whatever women decide to pursue in their lives can be considered a meaningful contribution by her partner.

"We are attracted to people who have unique strengths and gifts to bring to a relationship, and that can be humor ... that can be a job outside the home for pay, that can be working inside the home with children, that can be an athlete," she said. "We are attracted to people who have these strengths and are passionate about that strength."

Catch the full conversation about what men want in women at HuffPost Live HERE.

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