What Men Want: Thrillist Launches Supercompressor Selling Hi-Tech With Style

What Men Want: Thrillist Launches Supercompressor Selling Hi-Tech With Style
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Forget Inspector Gadget, today's hi-tech man is a man of style. In a world where your phone says as much about you as your shoes, (I see the birth of a new meme here) geeks are chic and men use technology for everything from dating to finding the latest culinary trends, it's fair to say that hi-tech is part of the pop culture vernacular. Enter Supercompressor, a new website that is part of the Thrillist Media Group, the online resource that targets millions of users per month (mostly urban males who waste no time finding the hottest in everything from nightlife to fashion, food and yes, hi-tech toys).

The newest addition to the Thrillist Media Group is a resource guide and e-commerce site that features news and recommendations surrounding home, tech, vices and automotive, as well as original content on the history of iconic gadgets, interviews with tastemakers and innovators, and "Superranking" (lists of the most outrageous products on the market).

"This is not Engadget or Gizmodo," explains Thrillist CEO and co-founder, Ben Lerer. "This is lifestyle tech; gear and gadgets."

Microsoft's Surface is the official Supercompressor launch sponsor and the company plans to leverage Thrillist's robust email database of 2.5 million subscribers to cross-promote the new site.

Supercompressor, overseen by Executive Editor Ted Gushue, formerly of GrandLife Hotels' online platforms, launched on October 23, and celebrated with a gentleman's soiree co-sponsored by Thrillist and DEWAR'S Blended Scotch whisky on November 14 at the Classic Car Club in TriBeca. Somehow, I don't think Inspector Gadget made the guest list.

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