What A President Obama's Cabinet Might Look Like?

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Shortly, voters will elect the 44th President of the United States. If they chose Barack Obama (D), Democrats would take back government after an eight year absence. So, what might an Obama-Biden cabinet look like?

Here is one Democrat's assessment of who might be seated around the Cabinet Room table shortly after January 20, 2009 if Obama is elected president, based on my knowledge of the various players in Democratic circles, the people who currently advise Obama and who appear as campaign surrogates, and a review of other similar assessments of who might tapped for a possible Obama administration post.

(Note: Here's an update to this post with official leaked names of who are being considered for an Obama Cabinet.)

Mark Nickolas is the Managing Editor of Political Base, and this story was from his original post, "President Obama's Cabinet (Version 3.0)."

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