What Millennials Really Want This Christmas

When most people think of gifting the younger people in their lives possible gift ideas that come to mind are the usual electronic or clothing items available, but while these items may fulfill are impulsive desires it's not what we really want. According to this USA Today article, 94 percent of millennials (ages 13 to 30) would rather be given cash instead of an actual gift this christmas. As a millennial myself, this fact comes as no surprise to me.

So if you haven't already got something for the millennial(s) in your life, below are a list of things most wanted by millennials this season:

More affordable education: If you've seen the various memes, read the numerous statuses and blogs then you likely are aware that lower tuition is the one thing on every millennial student's wish list this year. As tuition costs continue to rise, so do our levels of stress and anxiety. The problem is that when we millennials graduate from college we not only get a degree in our hands but also a massive student debt to go along with it. This student debt, until fully paid will forever be a burden weighing us down. With a loan to pay off, how will we ever be able to start a future? Free tuition might be too much to ask for but a lower tuition would be greatly beneficial to all of us at the moment.

Hope for the future: As kids we were encouraged to dream big and were told that if we worked hard enough we would one day be working at our dream job. However, when most of us reached high school or college we watched and listened to the stories of a struggling economy and an uncertain future. Reality then hit some of us hard, as we ran into the job market with our degrees, certificates and aspirations only to have doors shut at our faces. There are smart, qualified, young people out there today who are either unemployed or working at a job which they are highly overqualified for. Why are we letting valuable skills and hard work go to waste?

With most jobs today hiring only part-time and contract positions, Generation Y is constantly faced with the stress of wondering "What if?" With so much uncertainty we just want to be assured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Fewer expectations on college, internship and job applications: There is nothing more disappointing then not being able to live up to the high expectations that society puts on us millennials.We are expected to become independent at a young age and have our whole life planned out by high school. With narrowing opportunities and thinning wallets a lot of us aren't able to have the stellar application asked by colleges, internships and jobs. Don't judge us based on numbers, but rather on our individuality, character and passion. Just like Richard Branson said in this piece.

For the generations before us to hear our voices and take action where needed: It will be a while until millennials are able to take over the influential positions currently held by the generations before. Until then it is up to the generations before us to take action before it is too late. You may be counting on our generation to bring a better future, but what good will our future be without initiatives in the present to kick-start it? We millennials are already called, "the most stressed generation." We are the generation that were late to the party and have to settle for leftovers (if there are any) all while cleaning up the mess left behind. So this Christmas help lessen our burdens, listen to what we have to say and let's start taking action for a better future.