What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

When it comes to Mother's Day, gifts are lovely and of course, I'd take anything on my blog wish list in a heartbeat, yet there are some priceless, largely intangible gifts that can be way more enticing.

Here's a few things topping my dream-worthy list this Mother's Day:

1. Sleeping in! While we're fortunate our kids sleep through the night and don't feel compelled to wake up daily at 4:30 a.m. (I don't know how some parents do it!), really sleeping in is a mega luxury. I'm talking no one yelling for me, screaming at each other down the hall, TV or radio blasting, and well any noise in general. Silence really is golden. I think I've lost the ability to sleep in abundantly late however I will take the opportunity for a solo Real Housewives mini binge fest while sipping coffee in bed. Bonus points if you get the kids out of the house, because, #2...

2. A clean house. It's not fun sleeping in knowing you'll wake up to a hot mess of a house. You never realize how many toys you have until you let two little ones ransack the playroom for two hours. Knowing they're destroying the place gets the heart rate of my Type-A racing knowing I'll either be cleaning or arguing with little ones about doing it. The worst. And, I swear I have super human abilities to see crumbs all over my counters and the floor because no one else cleans them. If it wasn't for me, we could likely get a scary reality show on TLC.

3. An agreeable family. "Hello, hello, heellllooooo!?!" This is what I wind up screaming to get my daughter's attention, and once I do get the eyes of this savvy 6-year old looking at me, she becomes a master negotiator. What I'd do for a day where my 6-year old, 2-year old, and husband would listen, agree and take action based on what I say.

4. Tasting my food. When I'm home, I'd love to sit down at our table -- not stand in the kitchen -- enjoying a meal that was cooked or delivered, on a real plate, with a napkin (no paper towel), tasting my food instead of inhaling it while I have a free minute. Weeknight dinners in our house look like crazy town so let's make this Sunday meal something more relaxed. I'd just love the kitchen not to be a disaster when we're done.

5. Treat me to that mani/pedi, and... make sure I have time to use it. Women love little luxuries, particularly if you've also planned when we can go and not feel guilty about doing so. You can also do this jointly with a husband whose wife is my bff so I can multi-task with some girl time.

6. Ok, a real gift. If your heart and feet feel compelled to go to the mall, I'd hate to stop you. It's honestly not about spending lots of money, it's about thought and something I wouldn't buy myself. I don't need another tee from Gap or anything from Bed, Bath & Beyond. Treat me to something fun or spend money on an experience we can do together or as a family.

7. I do want something sentimental. I really, really do. Take one of the million art projects around our house and frame it, or frame a beloved photo we've had on our phone camera roll for months. Help our little ones make a special art project that I can smile at every time I see it. These honestly are the best gifts of all.

8. Plenty of hugs, kisses and I love you's... just after I've slept in, noise free, slowly sipping a cup of coffee, and am caught up on the Real Housewives and Kimmy Shmidt. Then, attack me with love because family is everything.

So, moms... do we have the same Mother's Day wish list? What are you dreaming about??

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