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Every Phone Conversation Sounds Like This When You're A Parent

"Aiden, stop poking her in the eye, I’m serious!"

Kids have a finely tuned radar for when one of their parents is making an important phone call, aka when they just need five freaking minutes of peace and quiet. Exhibit A: that dad trying to give a BBC interview who nearly immediately got crashed by his exuberant children.

Your kids know you’re momentarily unavailable when you’re on a call, and this fact is unacceptable to them.

That’s what makes this video from mom Anna Lind Thomas so very accurate. In it, which she shared on the HaHAs for HooHas Facebook page, Thomas recreates the experience of trying to speak on the phone when your kids are around, and every parent will relate.

”I can totally talk, what’s up?” she says at the beginning of the video, before turning on the mom voice and saying “Aiden, stop poking her in the eye, I’m serious!” Increasingly frantic asides follow, including, “Sarah, leave the dog’s BUTT alone.”

Been there?

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