What More Needs To Happen?

What more needs to happen for those who support Donald Trump to finally turn away from this travesty of a human being? I read a comment from him this morning that DACA is “probably dead” and of course, he’s blaming it all on the Democrats, sounding more like a petulant child than anything remotely presidential. But then Trump’s supporters don’t seem all that interested in the lives of immigrants to this country. So I’m sure they cheered his “shithole countries” comments assuming the tiki torch folks are any indication of their views.

Trump swore up and down that he would “drain the swamp”, instead doing the complete opposite of that adding billionaires to his cabinet. I read yesterday that Betsy DeVos, one such example of billionaire-esque swampiness, was giving a debt-collection contract to a company she has involvement with. No conflict of interest there. Trust me. There’s a reason we have the requirement of separation of duties. We have to avoid conflict of interest, nepotism, etc. Not that the Trump Regime understands this concept, instead going all in on grabbing all that they can for their friends and themselves. Gotta plan ahead. Never know when they might need another job or an influx of cash. Friendships are important. Far more so than the preservation of our nation’s shared values.

Instead of inclusion, the Trump Regime is all about exclusion, his shithole country comment giving us everything we need to know regarding who and what he is. Of course, it was followed by reports of payoffs to porn stars for sex while married to his current wife. But then all he has to do is to call it all fake news and be done with it. And his foolish supporters lap it up as his words give succor to their most virulent views.

And regarding the porn stars and other women making claims of sexual contact with Trump, it appears from news reports that at least some were paid large sums of money and required to sign non-disclosure agreements to prevent any of them from speaking out about any of it. I guess I’ve always thought of that as either bribery or extortion. So will the Department of Justice investigate these claims? Along with all the other investigations?

And then there’s the conspiracy behind every door folks. Admittedly, I don’t believe the government’s story on 9/11. And I believe that royalty runs the world because I’m from that lineage and that our genetic makeup is a design of nonterrestrial visitors to Earth long ago so my feet are firmly planted in the alternative column. But even I have a limit and I fail to see what many of them see in Trump. It’s like they’ve put their hope for disclosure or truth about the banksters/royalty who run the world onto someone who can’t seem to form an intelligent sentence, at least one that doesn’t disparage entire continents of people. For some, he seems to reinforce their racist, white nationalist views which I find disgusting. I believe in the greater unified presence of all, not in separation and division.

But in spite of all of it, one thing the alternative/conspiracy community has over all the others is that they’re willing to consider possibilities that others are not. While some of it may not always seem helpful, given the secrecy that governs our world, is it any wonder that people begin to consider all sorts of strange ideas? The false alarm yesterday in Hawaii will no doubt spawn all sorts of interesting conclusions by any number of people. Right now it seems that someone pushed a button by mistake. Was it close to other buttons that are pushed regularly? Because if not, then that button needs to be in a locked room. By itself. With 10 keys to open it carried by 10 different people.

Reports indicate that Trump was playing golf at the time and didn’t stop to comment. What if the message had been real? People were terrified for at least the 38 minutes that it reportedly took to tell people the truth. Will conspiracy folks suggest that it was a false flag to give the US cover to blow up North Korea? Or will our own government use it that way like they’ve done before?

And then there’s the nonsense surrounding cannabis. Trump said it was a state’s rights issue, but that fell apart when Sessions was appointed Attorney General. Federally, cannabis patients are no safer than they’d be in a non-medical state. And now they’re doubling down on patients or recreational users and taking their 2nd Amendment right to possess a firearm away from them. Pennsylvania is the latest state to inform patients that it’s either healing or owning a gun because, in the federal government’s false opinion, someone using cannabis to stay alive is far more dangerous with a gun than someone who is a drunk with a gun. This is beyond fucked up. Patients and recreational users should not lose their constitutional rights over cannabis. This position is draconian and wrong.

Everywhere we look, an ever-growing wall has gone up between the people and our constitutional rights and our ability to raise our families in comfort and security. But the worst of this is the division between us that Trump seems to gleefully foster. Because now it’s about loyalty, not to each other, but to their dear leader, Trump.

What will it take for sanity to return? What more needs to happen before we wake up and see this man for the travesty that he is?

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