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Talk To Me: My Oldest Daughter's Perspective

Being someone who appreciates honing my legacy, I interviewed all three of my kids separately and got some interesting responses. In honor of that and Huff Post's #TalkToMe series, I'm sharing this interview.
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Being someone who appreciates honing my legacy, I interviewed all three of my kids separately and got some interesting responses. In honor of that and Huff Post's #TalkToMe series, I'm sharing this interview. My my what we learn about our kids. What I learned about myself was powerful. My interview with my oldest, Amanda, is documented below. You can read the interview with my son Steven here. You can read the interview with my daughter, Sarah, here.

In addition to the written interview below, I'm sharing a #TalkToMe video we recorded together this weekend. They asked me some great legacy questions (different than the questions below) and we had a few funny moments along the way!

1. How would you describe me? Awesome. You are my mom.

2. In what ways are we alike? We see the positive in people and the world. We believe there is a bigger purpose for us. We are both hot!

3. In what ways are we different? You are more reserved and less judgmental. I'm more in your face and aggressive.

4. What's my favorite thing to do? Be with family, laugh, meditate, pray.

5. What's your favorite thing we do together? Eat and connect.

6. What is your favorite memory as a child? Watching you cook desserts and cookies. I remember you cooking every day when you were on leave after having Steven. I loved the cookie pudding dump pie.

7. What was your favorite vacation? Hawaii for sure. Then, New York because it was great mommy time and DisneyWorld was pretty fantastic too.

8. What's the most annoying thing about me? Your forgetfulness.

9. If I could do anything differently, what would it have been? I wanted another sibling closer in age to me.

10. What do you most appreciate about me? Your tenacity, your gratitude and prayer practices and allowing me to have my own experiences. Also, I appreciate how deeply you love people. You are dedicated to causes you think are important.

11. What are my favorite types of movies? Romance comedies and dramas... They have to have a plot.

12. What do you want my future husband to know about me? How loved you are, how much you are appreciated and how protective I am. He better not f up.

13. If I suddenly had $1 million dollars, what would I do with it? Pay bills, buy a house on a beach, help others.

14. What's your favorite childhood tradition? When you would write notes in my lunchboxes, your kisses and hugs and Christmas.

15. What do you miss most about Grandma and Grandpa? Grandma's laugh and hugs. She was always there. I miss talking to Grandpa. he knew everything and always placed devil's advocate.

16. What's my favorite saying?; you say random stuff from the 90's.

17. What do I do when I'm mad? Lick your lips and then your lips disappear from your face.

18. When was I the saddest? Happiest? Saddest was when you thought you made a mistake with us kids. Happiest is when all 3 kids are at home.

19. What's my least favorite thing to do? Look at snakes.

20. What is the favorite recipe or thing I make? Homemade pizza, beef strogonoff, apple bake, cookies.

21. What did I make you do that you hated? Essays.

22. What is your favorite/funniest memory of me? When you were drunk in NYC and called the Statue of Liberty a bitch because she was 'moving'... Tandy's note: We were on a NYC cruise and it was one of the very few times I was really drunk.

23. What is the most 'mama bear' thing I've done? When you broke the elevator at Disneyland when the doors were closing before you could get in with us. Steven said the same thing:-)

After interviewing and documenting all three of my kids' responses, it's interesting to see their various perspectives on things. Now, I think I need to make my homemade pizza. I need a vegan recipe for pizza and we'll see if they like that version, too.

It's your turn: What do YOU want to be remembered for? If you have kids, what would they say about you? How about your parents or grandparents? Please comment below!

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