What My Kids Think of Me: A Son's Perspective

I saw a blog where someone interviewed her son and asked a bunch of questions about her. I thought this was an interesting idea and, being someone who appreciates and encourages documenting our legacies, I decided to conduct a little interview of my own.


I interviewed all three of my kids separately and got some interesting responses. My my what we learn about our kids. What I learned about myself was powerful. This interview is documented below and I'm starting with my son and youngest child, Steven. Next, I'll share Sarah's perspective and then Amanda's. At the time of this interview, Steven was 19 years old. He's 20 now and he's quite a young man.

1. How would you describe me? Objective, nice, reasonable, humble, spiritual, a good mother, a better dad, the most strong-willed person he knows, pretty damned determined. The unconditional love I have for my kids is evident.

2. In what ways are we alike? Determined, deep profound respect for what we don't know, objective, spiritual, huge heart, loyalty to family, hates excuses, impatient but controlled.

3. In what ways are we different? I'm more sympathetic, compassionate, and wise.

4. What's my favorite thing to do? Be with kids, travel, read, learn, loves to watch shows and movies with kids, help others.

5. What's your favorite thing we do together? Talk about business and life, see movies and shows together.

6. What is your favorite memory as a child? Nothing specific. He remembers when I would come home from work and talk with him about his day and make dinner.

7. What was your favorite vacation? Our vacation to Hawaii where we spent time on land, then went on a cruise and then spent more time on land. Our trip to DC was a close second. I love DC!

8. What's the most annoying thing about me? When you made me do essays when I got in trouble. However, you were always fair and I never did whatever I had to write an essay about again!

9. If I could do anything differently, what would it have been? Not give us everything growing up. Make me stay in karate and force me to take AP classes.

10. What do you most appreciate about me? That you always supported my dreams.

11. What are my favorite types of movies? Drama and love stories but you will see anything with me except horror movies.

12. What do you want my future husband to know about me? You can never tell her that you can't do something. Bull crap isn't in her nature.

13. If I suddenly had $1 million dollars, what would I do with it? Get a house, take on the household expenses again, invest.

14. What's your favorite childhood tradition? At Christmas, I love having everyone together talking about good times, eating your homemade cinnamon buns and queso dip until dinner was ready. I miss talking with Grandma and Grandpa.

15. What do you miss most about Grandma and Grandpa? I miss her presence. I miss his input and guidance on things.

16. What's my favorite saying? When I say 'aaaaaahhhhhh' and put my hands up and when I say 'eeeeeeeee'.

17. What do I do when I'm mad? Deep breathing. When you are really mad, you go away and think about things..

18. When was I the saddest? Happiest? The saddest was when Grandma died. I've never seen you like that before. The happiest is when we are on vacations together.

19. What's my least favorite thing to do? Talk to dad... LOL - This is my ex-husband and his dad.

20. What is the favorite recipe or thing I make? Your homemade pizza - when it doesn't have a bunch of veggies on it, macaroni and cheese, cookies, hot dogs rolled up with croissants.

21. What did I make you do that you hated? I hated that you made me do chores and laundry at such a young age. None of my friends ever had to do that. But it helped make me who I am but I hated it then.

22. What is your favorite/funniest memory of me? When we pushed you in that stroller at Disney after you pushed me and Sarah around all day.

23. What is the most 'mama bear' thing I've done? Hit and break the elevator doors at Disney when the door was closing on us without you in it. The way you said, not without my babies you don't. That was intense.

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It's your turn: What do YOU want to be remembered for? If you have kids, what would they say about you? What would YOU say about YOUR parents? Please comment below!