What My Near Death Experience Taught Me

Growing up, I blamed everybody else for my crappy life.

When I hated myself, I blamed my parents for loving me enough.

When I became 60 pounds overweight, I blamed the food companies for making me fat.

When I could not get a job, I blamed the damn economy for making me unemployed.

Back then, I lived the life of a victim. I felt like a fragile feather being moved along by the turbulence of life.

That was until I died. Yes, I literally died at the age of 26.

I had a freak accident, and I was pronounced dead.

In a split second my entire life literally flashed before my eyes.

All at once, I relived every experience that I had, but this time from a completely different plane of perspective.

I was in a coma for five days and when I came back to consciousness, I soon realized, that perhaps I had something to do with the circumstances of my life.

Upon surviving my near death experience, I went into a deep bout of sadness that lasted for many weeks.

The sadness was not so much from freak accident or almost dying at a young age.

It was more about awakening the reality that everything was my fault.

Through the depths of despair, I realized it was a good thing that it was my fault.

Because if it truly is my fault, then I can change myself and I can create a new life.

As I crawled out of that deep, dark valley on my hands and knees, I started to rebuild myself.

I felt a deep hunger for the truth.

Upon my relentless search for wisdom, I came to find out that I am the cause and effect of my life.

I realized that I control my destiny.

Once I grasped this concept, EVERYTHING Changed.

I no longer felt powerless.

I vowed NEVER be a victim ever again.

I went on a massive journey to make myself a better man.

Even though I read books, hired coaches and went to seminars,

I came to realize that the truth is not to be found outside of yourself.

Rather it is deep within and you need to chip away at your soul layer by layer
to discover it.

If you only knew what Greatness you have inside of you.

One of the fastest ways to realize how powerful you are is to look up into the cosmos.

If we look back billions of years of time, we all came from the same source.

The same atoms that inhabit every cell in our body were particles of stars when the universe was in its infancy.

And what does that mean to you?

That you are the ultimate creator of your life.

You are at one with the Universe and everything in your life is interconnected.

If only you understood the power you yield.

As you go the universe goes.

Every decision you make changes the dimensions of time and space.

That's how much you matter.

Do not allow yourself to be moved along by the winds of life like a tiny feather.

You are not the feather, You are the fierce eagle who creates its own path through the wind.

You are the universe expressing itself as a human for a little while.

At some point in time you will return back to your source.

But while you're here, Create the masterpiece that you were meant to Live.

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