What No One is Saying About Hillary

The Hillary story I have yet to see is the one that explains how any woman could have possibly gained the political clout she has, without being the person she is.

Anything less would have made the glass ceiling impenetrable.

Men of power are not stepping out of the way to make space for women of power. White people of power are not stepping aside to make space for black people of power.

This is true with every level of oppression.

Power is not given away. It has to be taken. It requires the unrelenting, fearless willingness to do what it takes, for however long it takes.

I am not unaware of the dynamics of who Hillary Clinton is. I am also not unaware of the monumental doors that are only just beginning to open for women because of who she is.

To think that we would be at this historical moment, that any woman could ascend to the threshold of the United States Presidency, by being anything other than who she is, is detached from the realities of the world we live in.

I loathe the corporate media and the party establishment. I have deep concerns. I love Bernie Sanders - for many of the same reasons I love Hillary Clinton. They are both revolutionaries.

But I hope we can realize that it's not Hillary who made the system. It's the system that made Hillary. And it's the system that required someone with her courage and fortitude, for a woman to achieve what she is achieving.

As these doors open, not because of the system, in spite of the system, the same system is made vulnerable. It is no longer impenetrable. Neither is the glass ceiling.