What NOT To Do At Office Holiday Parties (VIDEO)

Human Resources professional Jessica Miller Merrell and author Anna Post joined HuffPost Live to share their tips on what not to do at your office holiday party with host Abby Huntsman.

Post's list begins with what would be the most obvious but most seem to forget: staying relatively sober amidst your co-workers and bosses.

"Just don't drink too much," she said. "You will still be working with all of these people, hopefully, the next day."

Merrell detailed what can happen when one does drink too much.

"There's just so many things that can go wrong," she said. "Inappropriate touching, random many things to avoid!"

Adding to their list is an article published by Buzzfeed last week, detailing suggestions for a successfully un-embarrassing holiday party, including:
  • Remember To Dress Appropriately
  • Be Careful When Drinking With The Boss
  • Don't Get Handsy With Co Workers
  • This Is Not a Good Time To Reveal Your Drug Habits
  • If You Can't Dance, Don't Dance
  • If You Can Dance, By All Means, Go To Town

Watch the full segment at HuffPost Live.