What NOT to Do on Your Hawaii Vacation: The Morgan Spurlock Edition

As doc filmmakers, we've been fans of Morgan Spurlock ever since he put the dangers of America's fast food obsession on the national radar with his masterpiece Super Size Me.

But, his recent visit to an illegal food establishment on North Shore Oahu, and subsequent promotion of it on social media, show that even brilliant celebrities with good intentions can do great harm when acting without good information.

In this case, Spurlock posted a jolly Instagram pic of himself at a burger joint at Shark's Cove, a beautiful spot along the north shore's legendary stretch of golden beaches and dazzling surf breaks.

Like most passersby, he probably had no idea that this touristy food truck circus sits directly adjacent to the ecologically-sensitive Pupukea Marine Life Conservation District. And he probably didn’t know that the whole mess has been been operating WITHOUT PERMITS for more than a year, causing community consternation, traffic hazards, and environmental harm. In fact, its irresponsible developer, Hanapohaku, LLC, has received numerous Notices of Violation from Honolulu’s Departments of Health and Planning & Permitting, racked up $60,000 (and counting) in unpaid fines, and been ordered to STOP WORK IMMEDIATELY.

Fortunately for Spurlock, and all those reading this, there’s still plenty of time to help protect Shark’s Cove along with the cultural heritage and environmental integrity of the surrounding area. Simply join the Save Shark’s Cove Coalition and share this information with family and friends.

And do support local businesses who support the community by respecting the rules. You can find lots of great locally-owned establishments here on the web site of the North Shore Chamber of Commerce.

As another brilliant filmmaker, Spike Lee, once said: Do The Right Thing!

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