What Not to Miss at Bushwick Open Studios 2010

There are 275 registered shows in Bushwick Open Studios this year. And there are only a mere three days, from June 4 - 6, to see them all.
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There are 275 registered shows in Bushwick Open Studios this year. And there are only a mere three days, from June 4 - 6, to see them all. I thought I'd try and help you out by listing what I think you'd be remiss not to see. These are all artists and spaces that I know and love. Click the links for more information about what is going on at each event, including hours of operation. And be sure to check out the entire directory (it's searchable!) by going here: http://bos2010.artsinbushwick.org/directory/

Open Studios & Galleries
Lila Freeman's Open Studio
Freeman's drawings and paintings tell you stories - stories about people, animals and objects. Narrative is inherent in Freeman's lines. Influenced by Edward Vuillard, Alice Neel, and William Steig, the artist's subjective take on the world around her engages the viewer and allows her to interpet the work in her own unique way.

NURTUREart Non-Profit

Founded in 1997, NURTUREart is a home for dynamic emerging artists and curators. They have all kinds of events going on through the weekend. A great spot to check out for artists, art-lovers and curators.

Lizzie Boredom's Open Studio

Lizzie Boredom is a funny, talented lady. Come by her studio and enjoy her videos, images and audio work. Art and funny are not mutually exclusive.

International Studio & Curatorial Program

One of my favorite spots in Williamsburg. It's hit-or-miss with guaranteed hits! Artists and curators from all over the world gather in this industrial space to show their work. You'll want to reserve some extra time for this one - the space is quite large.

Norte Maar
Great gallery in the heart of Bushwick. A wonderful place to see who's doing what in the community. Grab a taco at Los Hermanos on your way.

Factory Fresh
Street art that isn't played out in a fabulous storefront space. Check out the newest Skewville show opening June 5th. You will not be disappointed. I especially encourage those who are skeptical of street art to go to this show.

Hamster Water Park
I hate rodents. I have no idea what this is going to be. But how on earth can you resist a title like this? Sounds like the next viral video to sweep your office and leave you in hysterics.

Chez Bushwick
Who knows that lurks at Chez Bushwick! Always an invigorating experience.

"As Long As We Endure" performed by Ephemerui

I just learned about these folks. They've installed a killer dance floor atop 330 Melrose. I cannot wait to check them out.


BOS 2010 Opening Party

Get the party started right!

BOS Cabaret 2010
Just like your high school talent show but with actual talent, beer and no curfew. Meet new friends, make old ones laugh, wake up the following morning and know what Studio 54 must've been like. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

BOS 2010 Closing Party

Because there's no better way to say until next year than with a party. This is a great event to attend to solidify the connects you made over the weekend and let loose after all that scheduling.

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