What NOT To Post On Facebook: 13 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Facebook Friends

WARNING: What Not To Post On Facebook

According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the company's unofficial mission is to make "the world more open and connected." But there are limits to how open you should be on Facebook and while you might enjoy sharing photos and status updates, there are some pieces of information you would do well never to share.

Who's watching your moves on Facebook? Employers, stalkers, federal agents, and even insurance companies have been known to scan Facebook profiles for information. Just as troubling are reports of Facebook account hackers, who put users at risk for identity fraud. Even if you safeguard personal information with a "Friends Only" setting, there is a chance you've friended someone whom you barely know or have never met.

What details would you do well never to tell? View our slideshow (below) for tips about what to leave out of your Facebook life. Then, check out Facebook posts that got people fired, and Facebook SNAFUs that lead to arrests.

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Your Mother's Maiden Name

What NOT To Post On Facebook


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