What Newly Single Men Should Never Wear On A Date, According To Women

What Newly Single Men Should Never Wear On A Date, According To Women

You're finally getting back into the dating scene after divorce or a long relationship and not quite sure what to wear on your first date. Is that sports jacket with the elbow pads you've had forever a little too stuffy? Should you just bite the bullet and buy that damn gingham shirt your son and all his friends seem to have?

Your best bet is to wear something you feel at ease in. Comfort is key! That said, there are some items of clothing that are almost universally loathed by all of ladykind (what up, Crocs).

Like what, you ask? Inspired by a Reddit thread, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share the one item of clothing that immediately turns them off. See the funniest responses below.

"Shiny dress shirts.They make you look like a cocaine dealer."
komargallery via Getty Images
"Birkenstocks or ankle strap Teva's (or any similar sandal)."
Uncle Catherine/Flickr
"Super deep v-necks are atrocious. I don't want to see man cleavage."
Justin Case via Getty Images
"Just ask yourself: Would Guy Fieri wear this? If yes, stay the hell away from it."
Al Powers/Powers Imagery/Invision/AP
"Funny' t-shirts. The worst was the one saying 'Get Me A Sandwich.'"
Matthew D White via Getty Images
Emmanuel Faure via Getty Images
"Those stupid gym singlets that have such large armholes that you can see the dude's nipples. A big 'nope.'"
Vstock LLC via Getty Images
"Those Jesus sandals and Hawaiian shirts."
drbimages via Getty Images
"When guys wear sunglasses on the back of their head it's the absolute worst."
Brian Cribb/Flickr
Vstock via Getty Images
"Camouflage. Unless you're hunting, just don't."
Richard Bord via Getty Images

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