20 Gifts Our Shopping Editors Are Giving For The Holidays

The HuffPost Finds team has finally figured out what to get everyone on their lists.

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The shopping editors at HuffPost Finds have been making their lists and checking them twice so that they've got all the gifts they'll need to get through the holidays.
The shopping editors at HuffPost Finds have been making their lists and checking them twice so that they've got all the gifts they'll need to get through the holidays.

The days before Christmas is when last-minute shoppers really shine.

While the editors of the HuffPost Finds have been searching the internet for everyone that you could possibly need a gift for ― from your cousin who just turned into a tween to your friend who has expensive taste — they’ve been doing a little shopping of their own.

If you still need some last-minute inspiration, check out what our shopping editors are gifting this holiday season.

Check out what HuffPost Finds editors are gifting for the holidays:

A sleep set for sweet dreams
"My mom usually just wears anything to bed, like a T-shirt with a design I drew from kindergarten. Sometimes, she'll borrow sweatpants from my dad that she rolls at the waist and hem. I've even seen her put on one of my old oversized sweatshirts. She likes comfort more than anything else. So this year, I thought it would be good to grab her an actual set of matching pajamas that'll keep her warm in the winter. I decided on this elephant-printed sleep set from Anthropologie. I'm hoping she'll get some much-needed sleep with it on." — Ambar Pardilla, Commerce Writer
BauBax Travel Jacket
"My dad travels a lot for work, so when I saw this travel windbreaker with over 25 features, including an inflatable neck pillow and a pocket just for AirPods, I knew he would love it." — Danielle Gonzalez, Commerce Specialist
A bunch of these sassy AF oven mitts
Always Fits
"I learned from my mom that you should always buy a few gifts in bulk that you can stuff into people's stockings or have on hand for surprise guests. I love everything from Always Fits, particularly these cursey oven mitts. I snagged a few of them during the brand's Black Friday sale, like this 'I'm Drunk' mitt and this 'I've Got A Knife' one. I also love this 'Fresh Out Of Fucks' tea towel. and am gifting them to friends and family members for Christmas." — Brittany Nims, Manager of Commerce Content & Strategy
NASA and Polaroid hoodies
Urban Outfitters
"I don't remember the last time I saw my brother without a hoodie on — I wouldn't be surprised if his closet only consists of them. But he's a college student and just turned 20, so I get why he sticks to his uniform of a hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers. He normally doesn't buy much for himself. I thought he would like these NASA and Polaroid hoodies from Urban Outfitters, which are a little bit of an upgrade from the plain hoodies he usually spends his days in." — Pardilla
DRYBAR Pre-Party Pack Buttercup Blow Dryer Kit
"My mom has been using the same blow dryer for a while now, and I wanted to gift her something that would make her feel pampered. I'm a big fan of DryBar products and their concept as a whole, so I went with gift set that comes with a blow dryer, brush and their best-selling styling products to create perfect blowout at home." — Gonzalez
A vintage-looking record player
"When my mom was in New York for Thanksgiving, she spotted my little record player and mentioned that she would like one. I found this vintage-looking style on Amazon and ordered it to ship directly to her house." — Nims
A dog bed lined with faux sherpa
"My dog, Mack, is the most precious thing ever. He's a Boston Terrier and his black and white fur makes him look like he's perpetually in a tuxedo. Of course, he's been a very good boy this year (and every year since he was born) and his bed needs an upgrade. He's almost 13 and isn't as active as he used to be, so he definitely needs a bed that'll keep him comfortable through the night. This faux sherpa-lined one is definitely what he deserves." — Pardilla
Beauty gifts that can be given to one, or split for stocking stuffers
"This Fresh Little Dreamers Gift Set is the perfect gift for anyone who's obsessed with lip balm, but would also make cute stockings stuffers for three different people on your list. Break them apart, pop them into gift bags with a few other goodies, and you've got a well-rounded gift anyone would appreciate." — Nims
A set filled with Jack Black best-sellers
"My parents are traveling to Santo Domingo after Christmas to celebrate both my dad's birthday and New Year's Eve, and I thought he could use his favorite Jack Black products packed up, ready for to be put in his suitcase. This set from Nordstrom includes a moisturizer and lip balm with SPF, so he'll be protected from the Santo Domingo sun. He actually takes good care of his skin, which makes me so proud." — Pardilla
A coding kit that's Harry Potter-themed
"I have a younger cousin who is very into tech, but also a huge fan of magic. When I saw this Harry Potter-themed coding kit, I knew it would be a perfect way to make his screen time a bit more educational and maybe inspire him to read the Harry Potter series when he gets a little older." — Gonzalez
This Mystery Tackle Box, for the outdoorsman
Mystery Tackle Box
"My step-dad is an outdoorsy guy who's into hunting and fishing. A few years ago, I gifted him this fishing subscription box that surprises the giftee with new lures and tackles each month. You can choose from different 'species' like bass, trout, walleye, multispecies and even ice fishing. He hinted to my mom that he'd like another subscription to this box for Christmas this year." — Nims
A reusable notebook that'll move handwritten notes to the Cloud
"Real story: I purchased these after a freelancer included it in a gift guide she wrote for us called 'Gifts Every Dad Will Love' — and I think she's right! This reusable planner pairs with an app so that scrawls, notes and doodles are automatically sent to the Cloud, Dropbox, Evernote or wherever you like to store your handwritten notes. My boyfriend and I purchased one for his dad." — Nims
A silk zodiac sleeping mask for the dreamers out there
"I've been eyeing this silk sleep mask since I first saw it at Sephora and have slowly watched signs sell out. It's such a treat-yourself gift, but I really wanted to get something that'll keep me from staring at my phone screen before bed. It feels heavenly. It's actually on sale right now at Anthropologie for the same price I got mine during Urban Outfitters' beauty flash sale." — Pardilla
A magnetic wristband for handy people
"My cousins' husbands are all very handy and in the process of renovating their respective homes. I saw this magnetic wristband and thought it was super practical, especially since they both have little ones running around the house." — Gonzalez
A small-space find for the friend on the go
Urban Outfitters
"I have a friend who's always on the road for his job, so he needs practical gifts that'll make his travels easier. I didn't want to get him anything too bulky, but I also wanted to get him something I thought he'd actually use. That's when I landed on this collapsible coffee cup from Stojo that's small enough to fit in his carry-on without taking up too much space." — Nims
A doodle mat for kids
"I was really into arts & crafts as a kid, and thinks it's important to encourage creativity in kids as early as possible. My one cousin is only 2, so he's not quite ready for a paint set (or would at least require a lot of supervision for it). So when I found this art mat that only needs water , I knew I had to get it." — Gonzalez
These reusable Swedish dishcloths everyone is talking about
"I had never heard of Swedish dishcloths. Now, I'm seeing them everywhere. They're reusable, absorbent cloths made of wood pulp and cotton that will replace your single-use paper towels and sponges. They can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine, too. I snagged these for my boyfriend's mother, who's into sustainable products." — Nims
A Moira Rose prayer candle
"I love Moira Rose. You love Moira Rose. Who wouldn't love this Moira Rose prayer candle? I snagged it for my sister, but literally could have given it to any number of friends who view her as an idol." — Nims
DR. J Professional 3600 Brightness Portable Video Projector
"My brother is really into film, whether it's shooting a short movie on his camera, acting in front of an audience or just discovering a new movie. This projector comes with a screen and the ability to plug in your laptop, USB or sync it with your smartphone." — Gonzalez
A perfect whiskey glass
"For the friend who's sipping the good shit, give them a glass for the occasion. I bought this at a local gift shop in my neighborhood, but it looks like it's still in stock at this small online boutique, too." — Nims