What Passes For Debate

Back in the days of our radio show, our standard name for the media was one taken from Jerry Lewis..."pimps and whores". After last night, it's obvious we were too kind.

Instead of sonorously intoning various articles of the Constitution when returning from an ad for bowel cleansing yogurt, perhaps Gibson and Stephanopoulos could have focused just one question on the administration that has been shredding it section by section.

Granted, that may be too much too ask when Charlie & Little George's capital gains taxes are in danger of rising and they need to ascertain just how much bomb-making knowledge the non flag-lapel-pin-wearing Obama may have acquired while listening to sermons. Ohh..and Senator Clinton would you like to add to that?...was your grandfather bitter when he kept a flask of Crown Royal inside the bible he carried on hunting trips?

But it was comforting to see the cutaways to all the Clinton supporters in the audience. And it was reassuring to hear Hillary imply that, with regards to the Bosnia tarmac, yes she may have lied but she won't ever lie again.

It's hard to go on because last night was beyond satire. We have a good friend who doesn't follow politics but watched the debate -- she found it "insulting". Living as we do in Pa., we've heard from more than a few people that Ed Rendell has been trundling across the state threatening any mayor who supports Obama with the loss of funds...that might be news.

But there is no news anymore. We defy anyone to watch the performance of Gibson and Stephanopoulos last night...and then, turn over to C-SPAN for coverage of Cheney at the Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner. Watch the press pissing themselves with laughter over inane quips from a blood-drenched torturer...and tell us this country isn't fucked.