Here's What People With Disabilities Want You To Know

Spoiler alert: You’re just like everyone else.

This is one powerful PSA.

SoulPancake, a feel-good website dedicated to sharing inspirational stories, created a video that shines a light on what it means to live with a disability. Spoiler alert: You’re just like everyone else.

“Society doesn’t correlate disability and being attractive,” one woman says in the video. “We are beautiful people. Everyone’s beautiful in their own way.”

The video is part of the organization’s “How You See Me” series, which takes a personal lens to how society views different minority groups. It’s is a beautiful reminder that a person is not their ability ― and in a culture where even elected officials mock disability, the messaging could not be more important.

Over a billion people globally live with some form of disability ― from autism to spinal cord injuries ― and as many as 190 million adults have significant difficulties in functioning because of their disability, according to the World Health Organization. Yet it’s incredibly stigmatized, which research shows can lead to damaging health care and cultural implications.

“We’re only given one life ― and you gotta be proud of it,” another woman in the video explained.


Take a look at the video above to see more from people who are living with a disability.

Living With A Disability