Video Shows What's Really Going On When You Text During Meetings

What if your smartphone notifications came to life?

Checking your phone during a meeting can be extremely distracting. But what if actual mail suddenly appeared in the conference room? Or your buddy burst in and asked to grab a beer?

A new video from Swedish telecommunications company Telenor shows what would happen if the digital distractions hidden in your phone showed up to your meeting in physical form. 

In the video, several unwitting professionals show up to a meeting prepared to deliver what they think is the most important presentation of the year. But as they dive into their pitches, everyone else in the room is preoccupied: One person reads a newspaper; another seals envelopes; two others "Face Swap" with physical pictures. 

The presenters try to plow ahead, but they're clearly baffled by the disruptions. 

Telenor made the video to help people increase their productivity during meetings, according to news site Creativity

Over 90 percent of Americans say it's "not okay" to have a cell phone out during a meeting, according to a Pew survey. But peek into any conference room, and you're almost guaranteed to see people sneaking furtive glances at their screens or tapping out emails. 

So take this video's message to heart: If you're in a meeting, lose the phone.