What Really Is On the Ballot this November

No matter what Republicans say, President Obama is not on the ballot this November. The GOP can't seem to admit to the public that the President has already run his last race.

I guess the reason Republicans are so desperate to make this fall's elections all about the President is that they hope voters won't notice the truth: It is their candidates and their extreme positions that are on the ballot this year.

Here's what is really on ballot this November:

• Raising the Minimum Wage. The ability of 28 million American workers to get a raise is on the ballot. Democrats are committed to helping to lift millions of workers and their families out of poverty. But time and time again, Republicans have blocked an increase in the federal minimum wage.

• Reducing Student Loan Debt. Easing the crushing burden of student loan debt for young people and their families is on the ballot. Democrats want to pass a bill to help borrowers refinance their loans at lower rates. And again and again, Republicans have blocked giving middle-class Americans a fair shot at an affordable college education.

• Equal Pay for Women. The ability of women to earn equal pay for equal work is on the ballot. Democrats want to pass legislation to help close the wage gap that costs women more than $400,000 over the course of their careers. Republicans have blocked it time and time again.

• Access to Affordable Birth Control. The ability of women to access affordable birth control -- without having to ask their boss' permission -- is on the ballot. Democrats believe women and families should be able to make their own decisions about their health care. Republicans have blocked us again and again, and would rather to give that power to corporate CEOs.

It is clear where Republicans stand on these issues because they have had the chance to vote on them again and again. And every time, they blocked our efforts to help women, students and middle-class families.

The fact is that Democrats are on the side of the American people, while Republicans are on the side of the special interests. They believe in the trickle-down theory -- only helping those at the top.

We have tried that approach before. We have seen what happens when you keep giving tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, and let Wall Street run wild with no oversight. You end up in the greatest recession since the Great Depression.

It is time to give middle-class Americans a fair shot. It is time to make sure all of our families, not just the wealthy few, have the chance to succeed. That's what is on the ballot this year -- the well-being of the American people.

And for the GOP, it is time to start being honest with voters about what's really at stake this November.