What Really Matters

We are living in unprecedented times of immense upheaval, fear and confusion. The landscape that we navigate in our daily lives is full of twists and turns. The walls of some of our time- honoured institutions are crumbling. The foundations are not as steady, and cracks are showing. It's time to take stock of what really matters in life. Those lofty dreams that are based on what's in it for you, at all costs without consideration for our fellow man and Mother Nature are not as satisfying as we once thought.

We are a society that is driven by the mindset of scarcity and the notion that there is not enough for everyone. This makes people work harder and faster to compete for resources, power and attention. We have the belief that life is about the survival of the fittest, prettiest and richest. We compare our lives to the people around us, and when we don't measure up (we never do), our beliefs and thoughts about how we are not good enough will torture us. This is not life. This is not the life our creator intended for us.

It's time to turn the ship around. The time is now to wake up to what is waiting to be birthed. It's been a long time coming, and through the darkness, a bright light is emerging. This light of hope for our humanity is shining through the hearts of those of us that know and, are aware of what is true and what is possible when we raise our consciousness and come together in love and service.

What really matters is kindness towards each other. We are all capable of random acts of kindness. These small acts that come from our hearts may be humble in nature, but their impact could be grander than we would ever know. Being kind is not common and it's not something that people take for granted. You are not common, so why behave like you are? Why not embrace your innate goodness and generous nature and offer a tender word, a thoughtful act and a sweet smile just because you can? The receiver will not be the only one that benefits; but the giver will be so much richer for the experience. This abundance is about feeling and this is something money can't buy.

What really matters is having compassion for our selves and each other. Let's take ourselves off the hook for who we believe we have to be and the things we have to achieve. We are exactly where we are meant to be; our trials and tribulations are all part of our journey of growing and evolving. When we allow ourselves to be in awe and not judge our life journey, then we have the capacity to be compassionate towards others. To be compassionate is to be a human being who is tender and warm hearted, who feels deeply the pain of his and her fellow man. We are all the same deep down. We are human beings. We have hearts, we feel and we breathe the same air.

What really matters is rising up and sharing our gifts with the world to serve one another. We are here to shine, to love and be loved. We are here to overcome our pain and discover through it who we truly are. On the other side of fear, pain, tragedy and powerlessness is a miracle waiting to happen. We are the miracle, each one of us with our unique expression of life, and we have the opportunity to lift others up out of their misery. On a daily basis, life offers us many occasions to help others and touch people with our humanity and decency. As the ancient Greek philosopher Sophocles said, "To be doing good deeds is man's most glorious task." It's our inherent birth right to live in joy, abundance and peace. This can only come about when we dare to stand up, embrace our shadow selves, love all of it and then, from this place, begin to walk the path of healing ourselves, our family, our community and our world.