What Risk Does 'BYOD' Pose To Your Business? Survey Says

What Risk Does 'BYOD' Pose To Your Business?

The growing popularity of the "BYOD" (bring your own device) approach to IT, in which employees can use their personal mobile devices for work tasks, is creating some serious challenges for business, according to the latest CDW IT Monitor. While 76 percent of companies in the survey allow personal device use, they are having trouble getting their employees to follow company policies, and are struggling with insufficient budgets and staff to handle the change.

What's most worrisome, 33 percent of companies that allow BYOD are "not confident" or only "somewhat confident" that their policies and security measures are actually managing risks. And 19 percent outright admit they aren't effectively managing the risks that come with personal mobile devices usage.

Why it matters to your business: Trying to keep employees from using their personal devices for work may seem like fighting a losing battle -- and giving in might seem like a cost-saving solution. But in reality, BYOD can cost you your business if sensitive company or customer data is leaked or your network is breached. On the other hand, it's increasingly important to employees (especially Gen Y ones) to be able to use their own mobile devices. To help bridge the divide, create a comprehensive BYOD policy, enforce it and set aside some extra time and budget dollars to make sure you can keep everyone's devices secure.

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