What School Was Like In The 90s, According To Commercials (VIDEO)

As September creeps closer and kids start heading back to school, we can't help but find ourselves a little nostalgic for our neon-colored 90s education. And while we certainly remember what school was like at that time, it's the 90s commercials that really paint a picture of how funny things were back then.

From Yikes pencils and Trapper Keepers to pizza-obsessed kids and totally lame parents, going back to school in the 90s looks even more ridiculous than we remember. Commercials for just about everything school-related pushed forth some baffling stereotypes, including that all lunch ladies and gym teachers were nightmarish gum-Nazis. And don't even get us started on the talking robot.

Click through our slideshow below for a refresher on what going to school was like when "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" was the scariest thing on TV and Sunny Delight was considered a healthy beverage. For more "educational" humor be sure to check out 45 back-to-school FAILS after that.

What School Was Like In The 90s (According To Commercials)
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