What Shoes Should You Wear With Midi Skirts?

Surprise! You actually can wear sneakers with midi skirts.

Midi skirts are on our radar for fall 2017, but let’s be honest, when were they not in style over the past season? As we breeze into fall, these flowy wardrobe staples can easily transition from a season of crop tops, loose tanks and strappy sandals to the next next, full of sweaters and leather jackets.

But, what shoes should you wear with mid-length skirts that are both flattering and comfortable? A few key tips when shopping for the perfect midi-complementary footwear:

  • The skirt is the focal piece of your look, so pick a shoe that doesn’t compete with the aesthetic, length and width of the skirt
  • Pointed toes, as opposed to rounded, will streamline your bottom half
  • Remember: rules are meant to be broken. Wear sneakers, ankle booties or even flats with a midi skirt ― just be sure they elongate your silhouette instead of cutting the length of your legs

Because we know how easily the wrong shoe can take a midi skirt from chic to dowdy, we’ve rounded up seven shoes you can easily pair with midis for an effortless, yet flattering, look. Check them out below, and don’t forget to sign up for our Full Carts, Can’t Lose email to stay on top of the best sales each week.

Low Block Heel -- Everlane
At first glance, a midi skirt can sometimes look dowdy, depending on its length. But that doesn't mean you have to toss on stilettos to make it look smart. This ballet-inspired silhouette with a comfy heel is both feminine and edgy. It gives you height and sleekness without the pain of typical stiletto heels. Shop them here.
Flats -- Sam Edelman
Yes, you can wear flats with midi skirts. No, they won't make you look shorter. The key is to stay away from rounded toes, and find flats with an almond toe or pointed toe to elongate your bottom half. Shop these pointed toe beauties here.
Over-The-Knee Boots -- Marc Fisher
You want to avoid cutting off the length of your legs when it comes to midi skirts, so the easiest way to make your legs appear longer under a lot of fabric is knee high boots that provide a seamless blend from skirt to boot. Shop them here.
Sneakers -- Linea Paolo
Similar to flats, there is no rule that states sneakers can't be worn with midi skirts. We want comfort sometimes, so these classic street shoes offer the perfect amount of height and casualness. Shop them here.
High Heel -- Sam Edelman
You can never go wrong with a heel and midi skirt. Add some flair with a bold print or texture to give some extra edge to your look. Shop them here.
Ankle Booties -- Steve Madden
We're all about breaking "rules" here, so let's talk about how ankle booties can be worn with midi skirts. Go with a pointed toe to streamline the leg and a solid color to avoid too much fuss on the bottom. Shop these booties here.
Slingback Kitten Heel -- Modemoven
A slingback with a kitten heel perfectly complements the femininity of a midi skirt. Shop them here.

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