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What Should I Make For Dinner Tonight? A Quiz, With Answers

Consider the dinner dilemma handled.

The daily dilemma of figuring out what to make for dinner is tiring, to say the least. Some days we just know, because a craving for something is strong -- but other days, most days, there's zero inspiration. We're here to help, with a quiz. Answer five questions below and we'll tell you what you should make for dinner. It's that simple. All you have to do is cook it. (See below the quiz for the recipes you'll need.)

Here are the promised recipes:

Mug Mac And Cheese

There's a soft spot in our hearts for boxed mac and cheese, but homemade is usually better. And this "instant" mug mac and cheese maintains the ease of store-bought and promises the great taste of homemade. Get the recipe from The View From Great Island.

Rice Bowls

Rice bowls hold all the comfort of a homemade meal without getting too complicated. They're basically just a bowl of rice topped with your veggies and proteins of choice. They can even be compiled entirely of leftovers, it's that easy. We're partial to this recipe by Set The Table.

Cast Iron Skillet Chicken Dinner

Leave it to the cast iron skillet to make something special out of a chicken dinner. One of our favorites is this Beer Glazed Citrus Chicken recipe by food blogger How Sweet It Is. And once you make it tonight, we're sure it'll become your favorite, too.

Wasn't that easy? Now kick back, relax and enjoy the rest of your day.

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