What Should The NY Jets Do?

What Should The NY Jets Do?
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It was not even fun while it lasted, but the 2016 NY Jets season is effectively over. We will not make the playoffs for the sixth year in a row. At best, maybe we will end 5-11 and even that may be optimistic. The team is regressing on all sides of the ball, the fan base is agitated and the cries of "Same Ol' Jets "ubiquitous. What is to be done?

Start Geno Smith.
I can't believe I just wrote this but there you have it; and Todd Bowles intends to do just this, http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/jets-geno-smith-starting-quarterback-article-1.2836562come Sunday. Despite my vehement criticisms in the past, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/aristotle-tziampiris/why-geno-smith-is-done-fo_b_7992036.htmlI will be ecstatic if Geno Smith somehow succeeds (not holding my breath though). The fact is that Ryan Fitzpatrick was no good this year. Before the season started I met a universally respected former member of the NY Jets coaching staff and asked him what he thought of our chances. His spot on reply: "I am worried. Teams have figured out Fitz, they will pressure him to pass and it may end badly." Well, end badly it did. Fitz will never be a starter again in the NFL and he will leave the Jets next year. This is the time to evaluate Geno and see if he has something in the tank; and also evaluate Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. Being out of contention can afford us this one luxury. Is it premature to expect Tony Romo at Florham Park next Summer?

Do Not Fire Todd Bowles.
Sure this is a disappointing year after last year's (super easy schedule) high. Todd Bowles has certainly made his fair share of mistakes. He stuck with Fitz for way too long, refusing to bench him even when he proved turnover machine extraordinaire against the Kansas City Chiefs; Not going for a fourth down against the Steelers was timid; Skipping a two point conversion when playing the Bills was clearly an oversight. But this is only two years into his tenure. He is still learning and has corrected the somewhat lax atmosphere during the Rex Ryan era. He is measured, businesslike, respected. Firing him now will not yield in my opinion much benefit. We should wait at least another two years to be fully able to evaluate his decisions and impact. Same goes for GM Mike Maccagnan. Can we, though, be patient enough?

Fire OC Chan Gailey.
This is not a call to find a scapegoat to appease fans. Gailey has failed. His decisions have been suspect, the offense's production a league-wide joke. Keeping the HC may be prudent. Keeping the entire coaching staff is foolish. Something has to provide a spark and a sense of accountability must be maintained. Woody Johnson please hand out some pink slips.

Stop Being an Embarrassment.
Losing is one thing. Being the butt of jokes quite another. I was at Arrowhead Stadium for the Chiefs game and every time we turned the ball the speakers would blurt out Give It Away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now I am a RHCP fan but listening to the song a grand total of eight times was beyond my endurance. We gotta shake things up. 86 million dollar man Muhammad Wilkerson has to step up his play. Darrelle Revis prove his HOF inevitability. Matt Forte utilized more. And can we finally get some sacks please? My point is simple. I expect us to lose quite some more but do so with a more competitive game.

Don't Give Up.
This is where I personally draw the line. If the NY Jets stop trying, I am outta here. Dropping games for higher Draft position intentionally violates the unwritten contract with us fans. We are still dealing with professional athletes and damn expensive PLSs and concessions. Just don't give up Gang Green.

Don't Stop Hoping.
We are NY Jets fans after all. Next year Tom Brady will be a year older, our CAP space substantial and our Draft position excellent. Miracles do happen, even in the NFL.

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