What the Democrats Need to Do to Avoid Another Bad Result in 2016

As the Rolling Stones 1969 hit song says you can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need. After the results of November 4, the Democrats NEED to do the following if they don't want to see another bad result in 2016.

If you are a progressive Democrat today the November elections have left a sour taste in your mouth. You are angry and frustrated. On the way to election Day you saw Purple and Red State Democrats run away from Progressive values and run away from their President like he had the Ebola illness. Even more frustrating the President was bunkered down in the White House until the final week of the election.What that did was let the GOP set the agenda on ISIL, Ebola and Fear. The President and the Democrats then left their offense on the sidelines instead of campaigning on Obama's accomplishments and solutions to the economy. Instead they campaigned defensively on GOP Light issues like a little less war and apologizing for supporting Obamacare.

But maybe just maybe the Democrats can save themselves and find a strategy to win in 2016. It was welcome news to see Elizabeth Warren my Senator being elevated in the leadership of the US Senate. It was also nice to see the President stand tall on Immigration, Keystone and Police misconduct too. If Warren can quarterback the Democrats message and work with the President and other Democrats the Party will get what they to need to have a good start in 2015.

The Democrats have to aim their message at working class Americans. Teachers Nurses Firefighters would be a good start. These are folks who give back to society they are overworked and underpaid. Tell them how they can keep their jobs improve their work day and feel comfortable that their jobs will be there next week next month and next year.

Make it clear to the voters that the GOP has blocked investment in infrastructure on roads, bridges and High Speed Rail since 2011. A major priority is to help those in the inner city to have a chance at the American Dream. Make sure people of color share in the Green Jobs revolution. Campaign on Community Colleges being free and four year state schools should be close to free. Open up the discussion to Single Payer / Public Option If presented the right way even Republican voters will back a Single Payer bill and please stay out of the MiddleEast!

Continue to make the case that the GOP is a Do nothing, fear based, war mongering, killer of the middle class and ALWAYS in bed with Wall Street and Big Oil.

As a progressive talk host I am outnumbered by conservatives 3-1 even in big liberal markets like New York, Los Angeles and Boston which in the last two years have each lost their progressive talk stations. A foundation of voices has to be put in place to promote the Warren,Sherrod Brown, Bernie Sanders, wing of the Democratic Party. It would be great if the Democrats had a sound machine like the GOP but that is not the reality what we need is the following:

Progressive organizations and Party leaders should urge several progressives to run for President. Their voices on Progressive Radio and TV from March 2015 to March 2016 on a daily basis will help shape the debate and make up for the few Progressive Talk stations in the country, Democrats have been quite successful in the West lately so let's hear from Jerry Brown he has a done great job turning America's largest State around including raising taxes on the wealthy building high speed rail and investing heavily in green jobs which should be a model for the USA going forward.

Another Californian, former LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa can focus on immigration issues and relations between the minority community and Law Enforcement. Jay Inslee of Washington State can also discuss Green Jobs. Sen.Brown of Ohio can talk about expanding jobs for underemployed construction workers and making Products in America. He can also urge other Democrats to stop pushing bad trade deals like the current one with the Pacific RIM. That deal will kill American jobs just like NAFTA did 20 years ago. The hot issue of Immigration can also be connected especially with Infrastructure whether it is a job as a Laborer or as an architect, undocumented workers/Dreamers can do these jobs too. Warren and Jim Webb can lead the debate on Wall Street Reform and Warren and Sanders can make the case of the Two Americas better than anyone in the Party. Keith Ellison the African-American congressman from Minnesota who is also a Muslim-American can speak to what is going on with Police abuse of African American community a debate which has to be a priority in this country over the coming months.

These members of Congress Governors and Mayors are vital to the Democratic Party finding its voice and making Hillary Clinton a better candidate and maybe a better nominee. She is going to have to lead a powerful Democratic Party into the General election not one limping in and winning by one point with no mandate by the American People. We cannot repeat the mistake of 2014 and run on Republican-light issues. When Democrats clear the field early or force the next guy up ( his turn) we lose We saw this with Al Gore, Walter Mondale and John Kerry. The answer is to put together a left of center progressive populist movement that the candidate for President leads and he or she brings a ton of Democrats into office with him.

Go on offense and stay on offense! Try Try Try and get what you need.